Handcrafted natural picture album, made from leaves, banana bark, tree skin, bamboo and other natural material. Those materials are cultivated, support this product both saving the earth and giving life to many home craftsman in Bali.

We have a huge collection of Bali natural leaves picture album those are : dot aboriginal picture album , Full Airbrushed Picture Album, Airbrushes With carving natural Picture Album, Leaves picture album with shell combination, Bamboo Natural picture album, Batik style picture album , Tropical Carved leaves picture album, classic painted picture album, crazy color natural picture album, aromatic fragrant root, The fancy mosaic album, Aborigine album with natural inside, Airbrushed picture album with natural combination, Shell capiz picture album with natural combination, Leaves picture album, Panorama picture album, Sand Picture Album

Those natural picture album design are unique and only design for us, if you are interested in our product please contact us and we will be very happy to quote you a reasonable price  or if you have a special design we will make you sample and keep it confidential for you.

Please contact us at and don’t forget to visit as regularly at as our website are keep updated. Thank you :)

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Bali kresna since 2005, we offer a large variety of Bali Product especially gift and souvenirs. We have a huge collection of natural picture album and frame and has become our Most selling item. Our design are unique and only available for us. We also provide many more product such as, wooden animal figurine, musical item, mosaic, bamboo wind chime, wooden sign board.

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